Urbi Flat & QUAD SAX


Gilbert Artman (Urban Sax Founder, Composer and Artistic Director) is at the origin of Urbi Flat & QUAD SAX, two bands stemming from Urban Sax.


QUAD SAX is composed of 4 musicians who represent the whole gamut of the saxophone (tenor, bass, soprano and baritone) and play on Gilbert Artman compositions. 

These musicians " feed themselves " with acoustical and electronic music ; their mobile improvisations use the space and its acoustics at their very best. 

Urbi Flat

This band gathers musicians, singers and dancers from different musical and cultural backgrounds. 
Urbi Flat includes 1 opera singer, 1 female dancer playing the tempura (small sitar), 3 dancers/vocalists including one that plays the didgeridoo, 2 cellos, 1 trumpet, 2 percussions, 2 harmoniums and 1 bass.

Urbi Flat & QUAD SAX take over a space or environment and fill it with sound and movement.

Naturally, like everything Gilbert Artman touches, the result (both visually and musically) is magical and totally unique. 

Like for Urban Sax, Gilbert Artman needs to check the performance site because choreographies are specially created according to the concert locations.



For further info, don't hesitate to contact us !

Contact us : 33 1 43 60 93 56 or info@musicprom.com

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