Amos Coulanges

Amos Coulanges was proclaimed sensation of the Guitar Festival in Martinique (E Caribbean) at the early age of 18. That's what prompted this self taught Haïtian guitarist to study music in Canada and then in Europe with people like Oscar Ghiglia in Italy and Javier Quevedo in Paris. He then allowed himselft to go back to his roots by preparing a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology relating to voodoo music in Haïti.

Nowadays, Amos Coulanges is well known for his crossover works uniting classical European music with popular Caribbean themes. His mastery of his instrument and his guitar compositions got awarded many times in the last two decades.

"The haïtian guitarist Amos Coulanges was THE sensation of the festival." (MUSIC, ARTS AND CRAFTS)

"He is an original and most original guitarist, just as the French Gypsy Django Reinhardt was before him, and this suggests that a very rich culture can be evolved from the combination of European African and other sources ..." (THE SUNDAY GLEANER)

About the artist’s inspirations ....

This Haitian classical guitarist draws inspiration from the rich African derived music of his homeland, Vodu. As an accomplished Guitarist, he studied music composition and recorded his own compositions. His music evokes the deep and mystical sound of the Haitian folk melodies ; it is rhythmically amazing, challenging, and exotic. It's the kind of music that contains rhythmic tension, unsuspected syncopations that is rarely found in other guitar compositions.

Drawing upon his musical training, Amos Coulanges makes guitar arrangements of Haitian folksongs that reflect the rhythmic complexity of the tunes. His technique is to set the melody in a rhythmic framework that communicates the original feeling of the song.

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