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It is in the wild and magnificent Thar desert in the north-western Indian province of Rajhastan - the land which inspired the Maharajas to build their sumptuous palaces reminiscent of a “thousand and one nights” - that the Anwar Khan's Group ancestry is rooted. In this original land of gypsies, numerous troubadours and wandering musicians went from town to town entertaining princes and their courtiers.
It is a land of ancient music and spiritual tradition, the birthplace of a wealth of cultural traditions and know-how which have been passed down through the ages, from generation to generation, by poets, musicians, dancers and fakirs.

Anwar Khan was barely 10 when he started playing as a professional, touring in India where he was soon known for his great voice and his mastery of the harmonium and the tablas.

Since 1995, Anwar Khan's Group has established an international reputation and captivated all types of audiences in France, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, Croatia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Marroco, Germany, The Netherlands, The West Indies etc ....

These talented Rajasthani musicians and their amazing dancer/fakir transport you to these Rajasthani mystical lands where an authentic and magical experience awaits you.

The desert sounds - an extravaganza of hypnotizing melodies and beats - will captivate you and you'll be carried away by a whirlwind of glittering, shimmering colours and dance .… It is indeed fascinating to see the musicians dressed in colorful attire and the dancer/fakir in heavily embroidered long flowing skirt with multi coloured dupatta and beautiful necklaces and bangles.

There are many folk dance forms in Rajasthan ; Dhapu Sapera, the group's dancer/fakir, performs the bhavi, terah talli and Kalbeliya Sapera dance forms

Anwar Khan's Group's enchanting music and song performance increases the grace and beauty of these lively mesmerizing dance performances.

"Last year, I saw and heard this group in a live performance, I was hooked ! ... "

"Words are inadequate to convey how the passionate vibrant music, the earthy raw sounds of traditonal instruments, the natural vocals and the fascinating dance performances intimately connect with the heart and soul of the spectator."

danseuse pot de terre  ANWAR KHAN GROUP  ANWAR KHAN

Anwar Khan Group :

Anwar Khan : lead singer, harmonium
Lom Nath : dholak, algoja, bendir
Sabir Khan : tablas, vocals
Anwar Hussein : chant, bhapang, morchang, kartals
Dhapu Sapera : dance  & fakir

  About the instruments used in the band

  About Dhapu Sapera's dance performances



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