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Gipsyland HollywoodGipsyland comes from Camargue near Montpellier in the South of France. It is an area around Arles where rice grows and bulls and horses wander.
In this primeval swamps landscape, the small town of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer is THE Mecca for all the gypsies all around the world that meet there once a year.

“Viva La Musica”, Gipysland’s debut album on HOLLYWOOD RECORDS (Buena Vista/Universal) comes out in March 2000 and is produced by Metro (the London-based team behind Cher's latest platinum-seller Believe). It melds tradition and modern innovation and features band leader Kiko Motos (former lead vocalist of the GIPSY KINGS) and the fiery ingenuity of gipsy musicians in their 20s.

Mainly stemming from traditional gipsy music, the Gipsyland style adds touches of salsa and samba as well as other musical styles. No one can "resist" to their passionate, uplifting music !

" Gipsyland's music integrates itself perfectly with other musical cultures ; it is both universal and contemporary reaching out to a worldwide audience, appreciated by all, even by those who don't know gipsy music or don't understand spanish."

A derivative of pure flamenco, the music of the Camargue Gipsys is always punctuated by the "compas": this tapping of the strings and guitar by the fingers of the playing hand.

"There is no school to learn the "compas", our musical traditions are passed on from generation to generation." (Kiko)

Like every gipsy, Kiko Motos starts playing guitar and singing at an early age. He plays  with Manitas de Plata when he's hardly 16 ! He's then part of the GIPSY KINGS at their very beginning ; at the time, they play lots of private concerts in St. Tropez for people like Brigitte Bardot ...
After leaving them for a little while to work on his own projects, he joins them again when the song "Bandolero" becomes so famous that they get tons of concerts !  "I travelled all around the world with the GIPSY KINGS." (Kiko) Gipsyland black & white

Kiko Motos has collaborated with Enrique Iglesias (on the track « Bailamos »), sung with CHER in "Believe", her comeback multi platinum album released in 1999 (« Dov’è l’Amore ») and the Egyptian star Anoushka ("Salaam") ...

"The lead guitar work of Cyril "Mario" Cablat is absolutely astounding, and he, as well as the entire band, know how to make their guitars sing like you've never heard before."

"At one moment you can be fully immersed in the music and the next moment you can find yourself on the dance floor. A sensual, joyous and contemporary gipsy music. For all cultures and all musical tastes. A music which is fresh and vibrant. '

"The rhythms become a part of your body. It’s a music for fiesta, making love, dancing ..... "

"Gipsyland takes flamenco-based gipsy music to a new level"

" I hesitate, though, to say that Gipsyland is better than Gipsy Kings, if only because these bands draw inspiration from the same musical
well that to slight one band you unintentionally slight the other. Instead, listen to both Gipsyland and Gipsy Kings together and revel in the shared heritage. It absolutely lifts the spirits like you could never imagine.

Gipsyland" The Stylistic experimentations notwithstanding, the undying spirit of flamenco is at the heart of Arte."
In an era where a number of groups have diluted the genre's raw intensity for the sake of commercial success, Kiko emphasizes his commitment to the centuries-old art form of his family.

" It pains me to see those people who hurt flamenco by altering it and sacrificing its integrity. Everything evolves in life, of course. Nothing stays still. But flamenco should never lose sight of its origins." (Kiko Motos)
"Not to worry. It is safe to say that flamenco is in good hands with Gipsyland. And the band's innate desire to travel the globe and create a musical bridge between cultures is mirrored in the royal reception they've enjoyed in all corners of the world."

On stage, one cannot help dancing to Gipsyland's very catchy tunes and to the popular GIPSY KINGS material which Kiko Motos conveys with such authenticity !

Are you ready for the fiesta ?

Line Up :

5 musicians :

Kiko : lead vocals, guitar
Juanito : vocals, guitar
Mario : solo guitar
Babe : vocals, guitar
Tonino : vocals, guitar

7 musicians : + bass player and percussionnist

Gipsy dancers are available upon request

Gipsyland PalaisGipsyland Danseuse


(New album to be released in 2009)


"L'Alba " (1995)

Gipsyland's first album produced by Larry Martin and including the famous "Messe Sévillane". Obtains the « quality label » from Radio France..

"Viva la Musica" (2000)      Watch the video !  (youtube)

Produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling and recorded in the Dream House Studios in London, Viva la Musica is based on the tradition but brings in different sounds : bass, percussion, keyboard, brass and even a darbouka.

" What is especially intriguing about this disc is that the more you listen to it, the more you want to listen to it. Many discs I've listened to get better with additional listens. But Viva La Música is unique in that you won't want to take it out of the CD changer. For that matter, you might want to make it the only disc in the player for a while ; it's that good an album."

Tracks like "Ana María," "La Quiero, No, No" and "Mamá" literally suck you in from the beginning. "

"Torito" uses Latin-jazz-style horns to spice up the flamenco flavor, while "Viva la Música" charges through in an anthemlike chorus over infectious dance-pop rhythms. "Olé Olá" hearkens back to the Gipsy Kings' "Djobi Djoba," jumping with a pulsating beat, swinging chorus, and vibrant percussive clapping. In short, anyone in love with the feel-good pop-flamenco of the Gipsy Kings will delight in Gipsyland's passionate, uplifting music.“ 

"Arte" (2002)

15 tracks including 2 fabulous instrumentals
Egyptian-Armenian singer Anoushka, a star in Europe and the Middle East, lends her hypnotic vocals to the anthemic "Salaam (peace)" And Carlinhos Brown, the singer/songwriter who single-handedly changed the face of Brazilian music in the '90s, contributes his infamous production skills to "Muévete," a hybrid of flamenco and batucada, the frenetic rhythms of samba's percussion brigades.

The Carlinhos Brown collaboration was the result of Gipsyland's first trip to Brazil. "Some of the people who worked with us when we performed in Brazil knew Carlinhos and suggested that we go visit him ... When it came to recording a tune for the new album, he had a lot of ideas. I don't think I've ever heard a mixture of flamenco and batucada before." (Kiko Motos)

ARTE” the anticipated second release from celebrated world music group GIPSYLAND, unveils a rich canvas of flamenco music embellished with captivating contemporary influences.
>From the soul-arresting “Sambame” to the alluring and exotic “Salaam” (featuring Egyptian-Armenian diva Anoushka), Gipsyland conveys authentic musicianship with fiery passion, while adding strokes of Latin salsa, Brazilian samba, pop and Middle Eastern elements to their repertoire

" Songs like the rollicking opening track "Sámbame (Danza de Fuego)" and the wistful instrumental "Nuestro" showcase a band at the peak of its powers. The production, courtesy of superstar French helmer Laurent Guéneau (Faudel, Natacha Atlas) is cool and futuristic, yet warm and comforting at the same time. And Kiko's voice, rough and defiant, sounds more powerful than ever."

"Saintes Marie de la Mer" (2005)

Kiko Motos' very personal album dedicated to the Camargue where he lives. He composes and sings for the first time a few songs in french and covers "Je l’Aime à Mourir" from Francis Cabrel.

Other Discography (Collaborations)


Movies Music Compositions and Gipsyland appearing in the soundtrack

Knockaroundfilm 2Pllay it to the BoneHOMMES DE MAIN

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