Davy Spillane

Don't even try to categorise this master uilleann piper and low whistle player. As an instrumentalist, Spillane's touch has known few boundaries, weaving over the years Irish folk music into more adventurous areas (jazz, rock, country, blue-grass and recently, new age).

Davy Spillane's music can sometimes be hypnotic, emotive, dreamy and amazingly soothing. At other times, it will set your feet tapping frantically.

The common denominator ? The uilleann pipes ....
Davy Spillane is not only one of the world's leading uilleann pipers but he's also a master of the low whistle.
Thanks to his remarkable musicianship, his uilleann pipes take the dimension of the human voice and conjure up to its full gamut of emotion - from stuttering mirth to soul-piercing desolation.

Davy Spillane was the first one to venture where other pipers have feared to tread.
In effect, he broke down many musical barriers by introducing his uilleann pipes to bluegrass, rock, jazz and recently new age.
The result is an exciting brand of fusion music mixing traditional and contemporary styles of music.

Davy Spillane should know every centimetre of the pipes he plays - he made them himself. And he's got orders for hand-made uilleann pipes coming in from all over Europe and the US.

And if this isn't enough, Davy Spillane has done a lot of film and television work and has worked over the last 20 years with a host of the music industry's most respected names : Paul Simon, Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, Steve Winwood, Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor, Elvis Costello, Chris Rea etc .....

Davy Spillane performs today in duo with Kevin Glackin. This union between THE uilleann pipes and low whistle virtuoso and one of the best fiddle players in Ireland results in a magical concert that mingles Irish traditional music and Mr. Spillane's legendary touch.

"His fusion music is an absolute must." (Music Week)

"Melting styles with with merry abandon, Spillane proves that music is music, whatever label you give it". (Q Review)

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Davy Spillane's been working for more than 3 years with Kevin Glackin, one of the best fiddle players in Ireland.
They have a really beautiful traditional set which they decided to convey in an album. "Forgotten Days" that was released this year is a tribute to the traditional music which they grew up listening to in Dublin.

Reels (The Pigeon On The Gate Within A Mile of Dublin)

Reels (Fermoy Lassies Steam Packet)

Jigs (Lark In The Morning, Pipe In The Hob)

Reels (Farewell to Connaught, Cornie is Coming)

Reels (Lucy Campbell, Trim The Velvet, The Abbey Reel)

Reels (Cul Fada Reel Ravelled Hank Of Yarn)

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