Sean Tyrrell

This widely praised Galway singer and instrumentalist (guitar, banjo, mandocello) whose use of poetry as a source for his lyrics has given him a repertoire as interesting as it is unique, has such a rich passionate voice capable of great emotion and sincerity that it will put goosepumps on your goosepumps and chills on your chills ...

Sean Tyrrell already enjoyed notoriety for the artistry with which he fuses poetry and music long before launching his first solo recording - "Cry Of A Dreamer" in 1994. The album served to confirm the belief of his legions of loyal followers, that he is a truly inspired singer of lyrically driven songs.
Greeted with great critical acclaim, it was voted album of the year by Folk Roots magazine in the UK, while US Billboard described it as a "long lost gem". Back in Ireland, music journal Hot Press said Tyrrell's playing and singing "resounds with the wisdom of ages" and the Irish Times applauded his ability to "straddle the traditional/folk/popular fence with ease" and to "explode the weakness of any cast-iron classification of song".

In true unburried and uncompromising style, Sean has taken a reverential pause before recording his follow-up album "The Orchard" (1998).

Sean performs solo and with a fiddle player (Irish violin). Not to be missed !

"If Guinness could sing, it would sound like Sean . Smooth but with an edge of Bitterness, and, of course, a rich Irish brogue ..... Those of you who have still to discover the genius of Sean Tyrrell have a crock of gold awaiting you. The man is a king unthroned." (Hot Press)

"Rooted but hardly cemented in Ireland's misty past. Tyrrell sings a century of Irish poetry that exudes dim pubs and dark Guinness." (Boston Phoenix)

"Presence, Myteriously, is something you either have or you don't have. Sean Tyrrell has presence. For two hours tonight, Tyrrell made time stand still as he guided us through the unofficial byways of four generations of "Irish music" .... His vocal style is unmistakably irish and yet it roams deeper than political or geographical territories to reach a level of artistic truth which many aspire to but only a few achieve." (Hot Press)

"Few can express melancholy and longing like the Irish, and Sean Tyrrell's rich warm voice can, it oozes spirit and emotion like the finest of story tellers." (Illinois Entertainer)

"There has probably been in recent years no musician of greater reputation and less recorded evidence." (Q Magazine)

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