"The Enchantment meeting the Spectacular  !"

For their 30th Anniversary and after celebrating it in November at La Cigale in Paris, Gilbert Artman (the band's Founder, Composer and Choreographer) decided to make the band available for indoors concerts (equipped venues only).

For that occasion :

The financial conditions are reduced.
- Urban Sax will be 43 (instead of 53)
The technical rider will adapt itself to the venue's equipment.

Like for Urban Sax outdoors formula,
each choreography is unique and depends entirely on the location ; therefore, Gilbert Artman always needs to check the concert site.

The link below will show you some pictures that were taken during the concert at la Cigale :

Urban Sax at la Cigale

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Urban Sax at la Cigale in Paris

About Urban Sax .....

The unearthy and extraordinary Urban Sax have been invited all over the world to perform in great events such as the Inauguration of plazas, theatres, monuments ....., opened and closed countless festivals, played in prestigious places (castles, caves, churches), "redefined" truly urban environments like subways, factories, electric power stations and has been asked to participate in numerous Conventions.

Each performance is unique ; the music is of course meticulously planned, but the theatricals depend much on what props are available and how best to use the space of a given location. Each site is carefully assessed beforehand so that its full spatial and acoustic potential can be realized.That's what Gilbert Artman (Urban Sax Founder and Artistic Director) calls "Acoustical Town Planning" ; to take over a space or environment and fill it with sound and movement.


Each performance is spectacular ; the band literally invades the location. Some saxophonists are climbing down buildings, others are on the rooftops, behind the windows, some are arriving in helicopters ....
The spectator is always surrounded by images and sound and very often, there are some dancers and musicians suspended above him.

Urban Sax recreates the urban landscape and forever changes the relation between the people and their town !

A few references : Inaugurations of Complexe Ex-Centris in Montreal, of the Arche de la Défense in Paris, of the Panasonic Center in Tokyo, of the Euro-Tunnel in Boulogne S/Mer, of the Sculptures Park in Peking,  the Opening Ceremony of the World Football Cup in Korea, the Anniversary of Indonesia Independance, the Vancouver Universal Exhibition, the Dubaï Festival, the Music Celebration in New York, Glasgow, European Culture capital, the G7 Meeting at the Château de Versailles .... Openings and Closings of countless festivals ( Montreal Int'l Jazz Festival, Tchekhov Festival in Moscow, Classical Music Festival in St. Jacques de Compostelle (Creation around Bach), Pori Int'l Jazz Festival, Baalbeck Int’l Festival, Hamburg Jazz Festival, Nîmes Feria, the Willisau Jazz Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Linz Electronica Festival .....

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