“The Enchantment meeting the Spectacular !”

"Gilbert Artman understands showmanship. Throughout the performance figures rappeled the walls and dancers (echoing the repeated elements in the music) moved in towering silhouette behind sheeted walkways at the top of the B.C. Pavilion buildings, colored smoke bombs flared, and monster foam surged from the stage onto the plaza as the musicians left the area at the evening's end to make their way back to the waterside. The fireworks that accompanied the barge's return trip and closed the circle of the spectacle were a mini-version of the last Friday's Fourth of July extravaganza at the Statue of Liberty orchestrated by the same French fireworks firm"

"A hall--an audience. A stage-a groupe of musicians. The traditional environment for musical performance. But think for a moment of space and mobility. Think of sound from all sides, from above, from below, constantly on the move. Now erase all preconceptions of traditional instrumentation. Let them all play saxophones .... Imagine a music that defies categorization. And finally, go a little further - make the leap to a point where the distinctions between music, theatre and other art forms become blurred. Still with me ? If so, then welcome to the wonderful world of Urban Sax." 

"Whenever the 50-member, avant-garde musical group Urban Sax takes to the stage, it's a happening. Other bands simply walk on stage. Like normal concert performers. But Urban Sax's entrance is always litteraly off the wall." 

"This was not so much a concert as a hi-tech multimedia happening, planned with military precision by a commando troop of sixty Frenchmen who dressed like alien spacemen and call themselves Urban Sax. As the sun went down, they assaulted gloomy County Hall as if it had been built as their stage." 

"At Covent Garden and le Palais de Versailles, they arrived by forklift, ambulance, rope ladder and parachute. In Belgium, a full-size orchestra, small ensembles, choirs and dancers, fireworks, balloons and video were all part of the show. Are you ready for Urban Sax ? One of the most bizarre and original musical entertainments ever !" 

"The most daring and provocative display of musical and theatrical exuberance .... " 

"Last Wednesday, I had the great good fortune to be at the Theatre Royal, Bath, for what I'm beginning to think must be the most stunning theatrical experience of my life."


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